Mark Mason Music Photography

Photos of The Rebel Set at their show in October at Los Angeles’ The Down n Out.

(Source: Flickr / markjamesmason)

Phoenix Arizona’s blues influenced Indie Rock band Mergence at Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles California. I also recorded the set with my little blue box. Give it a listen on my Sound Cloud, It sounds phenomenal. 

(Source: Flickr / markjamesmason)

These aren’t my photos, but I love what this guy was able to get driving around in LA. He has about 1 really good photo per set, but the really good ones are pretty awesome. I think they pretty much sum of the city.


Super Stereo is Future pop. What is Future pop? Keyboard heavy, vocal-centric, synth pop with heavy influences from hip-hop and with lyrics and tones that lend themselves to futurism. Sci Fi TV/Movie producers looking for that band with the right sound for placement in your show look no further. Music listeners who enjoy music by artists such as Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, Chromeo, Devo, and Talking Heads you will love Super Stereo.

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Are you are in a band? Will you be performing in the greater Los Angeles area? Would like to me take pictures of your show? Let me know and I’d be more than happy to snap away. I don’t charge for the service, but I may ask that you put me on the guest list or something else nice. If the show is in the southern Orange County (OC to you early 2000s Fox viewers), Riverside, San Bernardino, or beyond I may require transportation costs. I usually post the good photos on my FLICKR and Facebook pages, so if you would prefer I don’t I’ll need to know that up front.

Venues I love taking pictures at are:

Bootleg Theater
Redwood Bar
Hotel Cafe 

I specialize in semi-low to low light music photography. I do not use a flash as I feel it distracts from the show and gives the photos a fake feel.

Photos of the outrageous Australian poet-rocker Andy, mother fuckin’, Clockwise. You can find more out about him on his web page and his facebook.

(Source: Flickr / markjamesmason)

Photos of Southhampton England’s Garage-Rock band Band of Skulls at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles California.

Photos of Phoenix Arizona’s Surf-Punk band The Rebel Set at The Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles California on July 3rd 2011.

(Source: Flickr / markjamesmason)

The Haymarket Squares are one of the truly notable peices of Arizona music. They are to Phoenix as Calexico is to Tucson. They play a blend of bluegrass and iconoclastic irreverant punk. These photos were taken from a show on May 28th 2011 at the newly opened (old building) Tempe Tavern. The Haymarket Squares are Punkgrass for the People.